Welcome to Moshitoa

...the brave one... facing the unknown with bravery.

Moshitoa Selections is a recruitment company bravely moving towards new challenges. Responsive to the needs of our customers and focused on service excellence, we specialize in assisting our clients with recruitment of highly qualified and competent candidates.

We recruit for our customers as if recruiting for ourselves. We value our customers and every customer is important enough for our undivided attention. This means that our customers are assured of receiving effective recruitment solutions at highly competitive rates.

Clients benefit directly from our focus on quality rather than quantity, as this enables us to give our clients candidates that match their specification, precisely.

In the interests of our major clients, Moshitoa Selections has chosen to remain a generalist rather than becoming a specialist - although we do have consultants who specialize in niche markets. We have built a broad knowledge base and are capable of assisting our clients across most industries, nationally.

Moshitoa Selections is 100% black-owned and a full member of the Association of Personnel Service Organizations (APSO) of South Africa .

Our vision

Our vision is to become the most preferred recruitment supplier through the creation of long-term relationships with our clients and by rendering consistent, quality service that will add value to the business of our clients. Our aim is to always be a trusted name in recruitment in South Africa.

What sets Moshitoa apart?

Apart from facing new challenges with bravery, Moshitoa Selections has a unique combination of characteristics that sets it apart from the crowd, ie:

1. Relationships that count

The secret of our success lies in the mutually beneficial relationships that we cultivate with clients. In many ways, we become part of the client organization and fulfill a strategically important role for our clients.

From beginning to end we aim to add value. We keep your interests at heart and advise on how you can save unnecessary costs.

Our passion is people and it shows!

2. Sensitivity to client needs

As recruitment has become a specialized and costly discipline, many companies have little choice other than outsourcing this function.

We are committed to adding value to our clients' businesses and to our candidates. That's why we make it our business to understand your business and its operating environment. By truly understanding your needs we are able to recruit the right staff, first time around.

Moshitoa is small enough to be flexible and responsive, yet big enough to provide the depth of skill that our clients need and rely on. Our flexibility enables us to customize our services around the needs of our customers.

3. Ensuring a culture match

Finding a good culture match between the client and the candidate is a major challenge in recruitment in South Africa . It is also one of the most important determinants of a successful placement.

Few recruitment agencies understand the importance of this factor and even fewer can claim success in its execution. At Moshitoa, we understand that cultural mis-matches have tremendous negative impacts on the client organization - and can be expensive to remedy!

Through hands-on involvement and by spending time in our client organization, Moshitoa's consultants will come to understand your business culture, processes and preferences. Through our multi-cultural staff we even ensure compatibility between candidates and the consultants that they deal with.

We put the heart back into recruitment!

4. Black-empowered - since birth!

From its inception in 1999, Moshitoa has been 100% black-owned. It is committed to making a lasting contribution to the South African economy and its future. This commitment is evidenced in the community service that Moshitoa invests in, on an ongoing basis.

As we are 100% black empowered, we are often the consultant of choice for black candidates and for clients in search of high quality black candidates.

5. Thoroughness has no substitute

Finding the right staff at the right time and cost is critical to a company's success and this is where our competence comes into its own. At Moshitoa we know that there is no substitute for thoroughness. Our clients trust in this.

From assisting our client in making sure that the job specification is in line with the goals of the organization to finding the right candidate, our process is focused on thoroughness.